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Synrgy 360

Finding your workouts are getting stale?

It’s definitely not easy to stay motivated 100 percent of the time when you go it alone in the gym. On the other hand you know that to reach your fitness goals you need to show up and put in the work.

So what’s the solution? Well, we think we may have the answer…

Your Group Circuit Training Session

anytime fitness whangarei synrgy 360 program

Working out can be fun. Especially when you add a social factor to it.

We’ve seen this time and again over the years.

When people share a common goal and they work together to achieve it, the results can be amazing.

Whether your goal is to attain peak physical fitness or lose a few pounds, working as a group seems to make the experience that much easier and more productive.

Maybe you’ve done an aerobics class in the past and enjoyed it, but you found it didn’t deliver the results you were seeking.

Well, we asked ourselves whether it was possible to reproduce the atmosphere of a high-energy setting where people could expect to get a LOT more out of their workouts.

But we didn’t want to design a system from scratch that hasn’t been tested.

No. We wanted something that we would be confident would work straight out of the gate. So we looked around to see what others were doing.

And then we found it.

It’s called Synrgy 360™.

What Is Synrgy 360? And Why Might It Be Right For You?

Synrgy 360™ is a unique fitness acceleration program that consists of scheduled training sessions that offer all the benefits of working in a group setting with an expert fitness coach.

It’s built around a core piece of equipment that we had to especially import from the U.S.

But that’s OK, because you’re worth it.

Besides, shelling out for one of these exotic beasts just makes us look very cool in the eyes of our clients and for some reason we like that A LOT.

Seriously, one day Anytime Fitness Whangarei is going to have to book a session on the shrink’s couch and figure out why it is that we always feel a strong need to please others.

Of course, you don’t care about that.

What you DO care about, no doubt, is that with a Synrgy 360™ system at your disposal you can now combine together in the one place several popular total-body, dynamic exercises that will REALLY put you through your paces.

anytime fitness whangarei synrgy 360 s frame

With the help of a fitness trainer your Synrgy 360™ sessions will provide unlimited ways to exercise, and a way to do it while having FUN with others in the group setting.

Now, here’s where we get a little clinical. Kinda like the way that your dentist does when he wants to tell you about good flossing practices but you’re ready to hop out of the chair and race for the door because you can’t wait to catch sight of those gleaming pearly white teeth in the bathroom mirror and run your tongue around your smooth cleaned teeth.

So forgive us if we get a little excited when we tell you that of the top 20 trends highlighted in the 2012 annual American College of Sports Medicine survey of fitness trends, Synrgy 360 can facilitate no less that 8 of them.

EIGHT. Exclamation mark.

A SINGLE piece of equipment provides you with a window into functional fitness, strength training, exercise and weight loss, personal training, core training, group personal training, boot camp and sport-specific training.

Was that just eight? We’re almost out of breath merely reciting the ways Synrgy 360 can be used to launch your exercise routines.

One thing is for sure. If your workouts WERE starting to get a little stale, you won’t be facing that problem much longer.

If there’s a more exciting, more taxing, more fun way to get your workout completed in less than 45 minutes, well, we don’t know about it. And we’ve being doing this stuff a looong time.

Benefits Of A Synrgy 360™ Workout

Of course, we knew you’d ask about those. That’s why we were saving the best for last.

Feast your eyes on the fitness benefits that your time with a Synrgy 360™ system and trainer will provide:

  • Body Reshaping – This is how you decrease excess body fat and increase lean muscle mass.
  • Functional Movements – Because these exercises mimic the movements of everyday life and are packed with power, you’ll acquire greater strength and stamina for everyday physical exertions.
  • Rapid Results – Due to the unparalled efficiency of Synrgy 360 workouts you can expect your fitness goals to be reached in record time.
  • Motivation Galore – People respond better to group settings when it comes to getting in shape. There’s probably some deep socio-psychological reason behind it. All we know is, it works!
  • Group Support – It’s hard to let other people down, so you’ll find you won’t want to skip any of your training sessions. It’s that sociological stuff working to your benefit yet again.
  • Highly Challenging – Well, we’d sure hate to compare a Synrgy 360 workout to a game of golf, but they do have one thing in common. There’s always room for improvement and you’ll never get bored trying to better yourself.
  • And It’s Fun! – Yep. Never a dull moment as you force yourself to switch between the different stations while doing your best to look as though you’re not even breaking a sweat (while quietly you’re hoping Jack or Suzie will stumble and the group will have to pause a few seconds to laugh at them while everyone catches their breath).

So, are you ready to step into the “Synrgy 360 ring” and see if you have what it takes?

Training Session Requirements

Please keep in mind the following points:

[1] Training session cost is covered by your gym membership.

[2] Session scheduling depends on demand. Contact us for more info.

[3] It’s a 45 minute session.

[4] Maximum of 12 people in a session.

Need More Information About Synrgy 360™?

Hopefully the content on this page gives you a good idea of what you can expect when you sign up for your group Synrgy 360™ coaching. To learn HOW to sign up, simply use the Contact Us page to send an inquiry.