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Fitness On Request

Ever had trouble trying to meet a fitness class schedule?

Now you don’t have to – we’ll wait for you to get there!

No, we’re not kidding. We know that the demands of a busy modern life don’t always allow for the easy scheduling of fixed-start time classes.

So we looked around for a solution to meet the needs of Anytime Fitness Whangarei clients who want the benefits of regular exercise classes, but who also don’t need us telling them when they can and cannot get access to the classes.

Fitness Classes – Run To YOUR Schedule

What we needed was a “we’ll hold the class when you tell us it’s suitable for you” approach.

Impossible, right?

Well, maybe 10 years ago. And yes, we still don’t have those Jetson flying cars that we’re hoping one day will ferry us to and from the gym on a clean fuel cell that breaks down into recyclable water and table salt and steers the planet away from global warming once and for all.

But flexible fitness class scheduling? That’s just GOT to be possible.

Anyway, we thought so. Moreover, we knew the solution would need to meet the following requirements to be an all-out winner with our clients:

  • Round the clock scheduling – Our gym members need to be able to start the class when it’s convenient for them. Even if that’s at 4:38 a.m.
  • Late arrival friendly – If you don’t arrive exactly at your selected class start time, we’ll wait for you. You won’t miss any part of the class, even if you’re running 12 minutes behind schedule.
  • Class variety – Forget having to do the workout that your instructor has decided is good for you. Instead we want you to be able to choose the kind of class that suits you, whether it be yoga, pilates, cardio-kick boxing, or any number of other workout possibilities. Beginner classes, advanced classes. YOU should be able to choose what’s right for you.
  • No class size requirement – Have you ever wanted to do a specialty fitness class but the gym could not find enough interested members to warrant actually commiting an instructor to schedule it? The system should allow for class sizes as small as a SINGLE interested member, and as many as the workout area can comfortably handle.

Sure, trying to meet ALL those requirements is tall order.

Or would be if someone hadn’t already built a system to cater to these exact needs. Once again we had to go overseas to find what we were looking for and then build a room specifically to house the technology that makes custom class scheduling ad delivery possible.

Of course, we had to forgo real on-the-spot instructors in order to pull off this tehnological marvel. But we have the next best thing – pre-recorded sessions of real instructors putting their virtual class through its paces.

Take a look at the video at the top of this page and you’ll see segments of just some of the classes we have to offer. It’s dynamic, it’s larger than life, and our instructors never get tired or cancel a class because of personal issues or sickness, or they just don’t want to get out of bed that morning!

anytime fitness whangarei on request fitness class

How Does It Work?

Have you ever visited the home of someone with one of those big fancy surround-sound home theatres? The ones with a huge TV screen and wall mounted speakers that thump your body when the Maltese Falcon is evading Darth Vader’s Ty fighters and explosions are going off left and right?

Well, our system is a lot like this, minus the body thumping. Really, some of these workouts are almost serene – slow deliberate motions as your yoga or pilates instructor takes you through the session. While others are high energy and offer the same kind of adrenaline-pumping excitement of the final confrontation between Luke and Darth Vader (yes, Vader is his pop – who’d have guessed that?)

At the heart of our new system is the touch screen kiosk.

anytime fitness whangarei on request fitness kiosk

This is where you can view the available classes, join an already reserved time slot for a class, or reserve a time slot of your own. Or you can use our online interface to do it from home or work and invite your friends to join you if you wish.

When you show up for your session you’ll use the kiosk to activate the session. At this point our 10-foot white screen will spring to life and your class will begin.

Yoga at midnight?

Who’s to say WHEN the right time is for scheduling your workout? If you want to do yoga at the witching hour no-one is going to try to stop you. Unless of course Mabel snuck in 5 minutes before you and scheduled her Stomp class for that time. That Mabel. She’s a live wire.

But that’s OK, because we have something to satisfy everyone’s needs and we’ve made sure that Mabel can’t hog the kiosk (because as exciting as cat fights are we like all our clients to play nice with one another).

So what exactly ARE the possibilities when it comes to selecting classes?

Very glad you asked, because otherwise our web design guy would have spent hours putting together this page only to be met with the sound of crickets.

Elements – Our Class Options

We’ve arranged for you to have access to no less than 50 unique courses of varying time lengths with simultaneous, multi-level instruction.

We call this collection of on-demand classes “Elements”. These span 9 major grouping of workout, so there really is something for everyone, no matter what your current level of physical activity or preferred class pace.

Let’s take a closer look at the kinds of classes offered.

anytime fitness whangarei fusion fitness class Invigorating and vitalizing, each class is the perfect integration of yoga and Pilates moves, with attention to breath, form, flow and body balance.
anytime fitness whangarei vibe fitness class Get down, get edgy and get your groove on as world rhythms drive these multi-dimensional dance-based classes, from Latin to urban, hip hop and more. Take the party to the floor, you’ll forget you’re exercising!
anytime fitness whangarei stomp fitness class Truly a ‘step revival’… as step was originally meant to be taught. Go up, over and around the step for a total body, cardio driven workout. Easy to follow yet inventive step patterns make Stomp doable and fun! Give this fresh take on step a try.
anytime fitness whangarei rev fitness class Experience the ‘best ride’ of your life with our studio cycling classes. Maximize calorie burn and increase cardio and muscle endurance with our unique mix of sprints, climbs, intervals, drills, terrain and technique training, to challenge you in every class.
anytime fitness whangarei kinetics fitness class You’ll never be bored with our no-nonsense total body training programs. This multi-activity class includes sport-style cardio intervals interspersed with resistance training circuits and muscle isolation work. It’s the most effective way to torch calories and test your levels of fitness and endurance.
anytime fitness whangarei tko fitness class Non-stop movement to channel one’s inner fighter. Benefit from the power behind the punch and total body training. A fusion of martial arts disciplines, each class includes a combination of punches, kicks, strikes and techniques for a great knockout experience.
anytime fitness whangarei express fitness class Short, intense workouts that deliver results in minimal timeframe. All you need is 20 minutes. If you’re ready for a quick calorie burn and focused training – jump on the Express.
anytime fitness whangarei transitions fitness class A totally refreshing outlook on fitness. Transitions is about staying active, strong, sexy and vital, working out with intelligence and function while promoting optimum fitness and health for life. Each Transition class features the perfect multi-level mix of cardio, resistance training, balance, mobility and awareness skills that can positively impact those encountering a slower pace of life as they hit middle age and beyond.
anytime fitness whangarei definitions fitness class Straight sculpt to define, re-shape and re-contour. Ever popular for the body conscious, these 6 classes offer a focus on multi-dimensional and isolated total body training utilizing the best of today’s leading sculpt techniques.

Need More Information About Fitness On Request?

Hopefully the content on this page gives you a good idea of what you can expect when you utilize our interactive Fitness On Request class scheduling. If you have questions, simply use the Contact Us page to send an inquiry.