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Review Anytime Fitness Whangarei

anytime fitness whangarei customer reviewsHere at Anytime Fitness Whangarei we love to hear what our clients think of us. So do others who may be thinking of signing up as a member of our gym.

On this page we have added some instructions for how to go about writing your review for the benefit of others using an independent review site.

This should only take a few minutes of your time and it will mean a great deal to people who are searching for a quality gym in the Whangarei area. Of course, it will help us out too, so we’d like to thank you in advance for your review of Anytime Fitness Whangarei.

How To Leave A Google Places Review

Google Places is rapidly becoming the defacto location for business reviews and you will see a link to reviews appear next to business listings which have an associated Google Map when you do a search using Google. Any review that you submit using the following method will appear on our Google Places listing. If you follow the steps outlined below you can have your review up in no time.

Step 1

Google requires that it know the identity of all reviewers, so you will need to log into your Google account using either Gmail or your regular Google account. If you do not have a Gmail account you can sign up for one here:

Step 2

Once you are signed into Google you will need to locate our Google Places listing. The easiest way to do this is to click on the following link to perform a Google search on the term Anytime Fitness Whangarei.

This search will bring up many pages related to our business, but it is the Google Places listing that you will be interested in. It has the ballon icon in front of it to indicate that it appears on Google Maps. It should look something like the following:

anytime fitness whangarei google places listing

Click on the Google Reviews link next to “Anytime Fitness Whangarei” to bring up our business listing in Google Places. This is the page on which you will leave your review.

Step 3

The Google Places page will look something like the following, and you will see the “WRITE A REVIEW” button appearing prominently on the page.

anytime fitness whangarei google places page

It is a good idea to first write your review to a text file on your PC. That way, if you have any problem submitting the review you will have a backup copy of it. Once you have your review ready, click on that “WRITE A REVIEW” button and paste in your review.

Click on the line of stars so as to provide a rating from 1 to 5 to go with the review, then click on the “Publish” button to submit your review.

How To Leave A Finda Review

Another great place to leave a review is on and here is how you do that.

Step 1

Go to our Anytime Fitness Whangarei page on which looks something like this:

anytime fitness whangarei on

Step 2

At the bottom of the page you will find an area in which to leave a review. However, you must be signed into to leave your review. If you do not have an account with this business directory web site you can get one by visiting the registration page. It costs nothing to become a member.

anytime fitness whangarei review submission

We Appreciate Your Reviews!

Thanks for taking the time to read this page and consider leaving a review of our gym. We look forward to reading your comments.